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What is Viridal?

Viridal is made for men when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction and the ailments that come with it. Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, is characterized by an insufficient erection. As a man, a very unsatisfactory situation may also arise for you, in which you are not defenseless. Because ED is a common problem, between 5 and 20 percent of men suffer from it today.

In addition, erectile dysfunction occurs quite differently and can also cause severe erectile dysfunction. As a result, satisfactory sexual activity no longer exists. If you are also affected, sooner or later you will end up in a vicious circle that is accompanied by self-doubt and depression. Viridal is therefore the drug of choice, which usually only appears on prescription.

Information about Viridal and erectile dysfunction

Before you take a drug, you probably want to know about its effects and side effects. Accordingly, the drug Viridal will be presented to you as a patient in more detail. It is a male-developed and well-designed supplement that deals with male erectile dysfunction. Not only men of middle age and older are affected by erectile dysfunction.

Even at a young age, you can be affected by it. In order to administer the active substance to you selectively, i.e., without beating around the bush via tablets and capsules, Viridal is injected directly into the penis. The active ingredient, alprostadil, relaxes the blood vessels and, at the same time, promotes blood flow in the penis. Perhaps you shy away from the injection. This is completely harmless and also not painful. The good thing about it is that you can administer the administered dose directly and as required. Thus, Viridal works easily and quickly. You will already benefit from it after 5 to 15 minutes, and the effect can last up to 60 minutes. So you made a good choice with Viridal.

Erectile Dysfunction

Many men procrastinate on the problem without considering the consequences. Because erectile dysfunction (ED) takes a holistic view. And the psyche quietly leads on. With Viridal, you get a very good and active ingredient. This is not only included in Virdial, but also in Caverject. If you present your problem to the doctor, he will prescribe you a low dose at first, so that you can gradually increase the dosage and use it.

If you are uncomfortable with a doctor’s appointment, Viridal is available on the Internet. However, keep in mind that this is a prescription drug. In addition, in the case of severe erectile dysfunction, a diagnosis should be made by a specialist. He will carefully explain to you how to use the Viridal injector, and you will soon have a positive result in the application. Incidentally, and for your information, the follow-up packs do not come with injectors, so you should know that before purchasing.

What is erectile dysfunction and how can Viridal counteract it?

At the age of over 40 years, erectile dysfunction is no longer a rarity. On the contrary, she always makes a name for herself. Colloquially, impotence is also spoken of. A doctor’s consultation is not always the method of choice, mostly out of shame. Nevertheless, it needs medication and competent help. You have made the right choice as a patient with Viridal. Impotence is triggered by various factors, and then quick and uncomplicated help is required.

If not enough blood flows into the penis, the first erectile problems occur. If this is not enough, high cholesterol levels can also be to blame, as can blood pressure and being overweight. High alcohol consumption and smoking make the situation worse. Consequently, many deficits can be responsible for this and make life difficult for men in the truest sense of the word. Stress, worries, feelings of anxiety and the psyche in general also come into play and a vicious circle begins. Don’t let it get that far and embrace the positive qualities of Viridal.


Do not shy away from the injection; there is no better and safer method. Even if it takes some getting used to at first, you will quickly get used to it. Viridal is mainly used for mental and physical erectile dysfunction. They inject the active ingredient directly into the erectile tissue of the penis. In addition, Viridal can be inserted into the urethra. The blood flow in the penis is increased immediately and immediately, but only if you use it correctly. Therefore, the Viridal package insert should be studied carefully, or the doctor or pharmacist should be asked.

In order to avoid damage to the erectile tissue from the outset, it is not only important to use it correctly, but also to carry out regular three-monthly checks. especially when it comes to self-injection into the urethra.

If you are now suffering from a severe form of erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, then an infusion with alprostadil, the active ingredient in Viridal, can be considered. You have the choice and can decide for yourself whether to insert the preparation into the urethra or inject it into the erectile tissue. Take this variant, with which you also feel comfortable when using it.

In order to achieve success, it must be used regularly. This also helps with a severe arterial circulatory disorder. Even with chronic arterial occlusive disease in stages III and IV, good results have been found in studies and on test subjects. Also remember that erectile dysfunction can lead to pain later on, and a general narrowing of the blood vessels is life-threatening. As a result, a blood clot quickly occurs. As a precaution, have a sonography (ultrasound examination) carried out by the doctor.

It is worth knowing at the end

Many men put up with the problem of erectile dysfunction for a long time. Mostly out of shame and ignorance. Viridal will show you new ways and meanings in an uncomplicated way. An effect sets in after just 5 to 15 minutes and can last for almost an hour. A good feeling when you no longer want to give priority to impotence. In addition, the preparation known as Viridal is known as a reliable remedy and will also give you more satisfaction and self-esteem.

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